Honestly, it is exactly what the heading says: A program to read through the Bible, one chapter a day.
Many people would like to read through the whole Bible, but it seems such a daunting task...we quit in desperation before even starting. I know, I've been there. This program is an attempt to make it easy: There's no prescribed schedule to follow or keep up with, just start reading and do not stop!
I started the original version of this program while I was a freelance DJ at Impact Radio in Pretoria, South Africa. After about 15 years, during which my show morphed through various versions, I finally ran out of ideas. In desperation I though "Let's read through the Bible, one chapter a day, and then use the previous week's seven chapters as a show outline. In invited listeners to join the endeavour, and realised too late that I had committed myself publicly and couldn't go back! Reading those "seven chapters and thinking about it became my preparation for the show, and eventually it became a habit. We started at Matthew (I didn't want to get to the numbers of Numbers too soon)and worked through the New Testament, then started at Genesis and worked through the Old Testament. It took more that three years, but at the end it had become a very strong habit, and I just kept on reading one chapter a day, usually first thing in the morning. I'm not sure how many listeners stuck with me, but some have reported that they have also developed a very strong reading habit.
Most Christians know academically that the Bible gives us a record of God's strategy in human history, but we rarely experience it as such. Reading sequentially through the Bible gave me a totally new perspective of the Scriptures: Instead of loose bits and pieces, or concept studies, I discovered that there's a flow to the Bible, a developing story with various pieces linking back and forth over the whole of it, like a good novel. This "program" is an attempt to share my journey of discovery with others.
The basic idea is simple: Select a starting point (I suggest starting with the New Testament first) and start reading a chapter every day. When you finish one book, go to the next. Repeat. And repeat....Never stop.
This is not supposed to be a time of study (or to replace your normal Bible study or devotional meditation), but as you read and discover parts of the Bible that you haven't read before, or seldom read, it will have a profound effect on your study of, and meditation on, the Bible. The Reformers taught us that Scripture interprets Scripture, and that works so much better if you know more of the Scriptures.
This Bible reading schedule is chronologically linked to a men's group at Choose Life Church in Pretoria, South Africa. That is why it starts, seemingly randomly, on 8 June 2016 – for various reasons the group will start on Tuesday 7th June, with reading commencing the next day. Whenever you discover this and decide to join, start reading where we are that day. (If your starting day is some way into a Bible book, you can always try to catch up on the earlier chapters, but it's not necessary.) Just join the movement and start reading, one chapter a day.
If you encounter things that are difficult or hard to understand, do not despair. Keep on reading: Next time you get to that chapter, you will have read more that a thousand chapters of the Bible – something from somewhere is bound to pop up and illuminate the problem verse or chapter. (If my calculator worked properly, there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible, but don't let that scare you!)
Eventually I plan to develop this into a blog where you will be able to join and comment on the daily chapter, or ask questions and interact with others sharing the journey; but for now, "read the Book – don't wait for the movie..."