Reading the few chapters of Genesis dealing with Abraham, it may seem that he had this incredible life, with one extra-ordinary event after the other. In reality, the Bible describes only 16 events covering his lifetime of 175 years. Most of Abraham's life happened between these high (or sometimes, low) points in his life. In fact, he was 75 years old when God called him to go to "the land I will show you." During the next 10 years he "pitched his tent" at a few places in Canaan, went to Egypt to survive a famine, lied about his wife, separated from Lot, and fought a little war on Lot's behalf, before God made His covenant with Abraham; and then he fathered Ishmael, not believing that God would fulfill His promise. Thirteen silent years passed, during which he lied again about his wife, before God made the covenant of circumcision with Abraham, and promised and gave him a son with Sarah. Then another decade or more before God instructed him to sacrifice Isaac.
The point is that Abraham actually lived a "normal" life, with a few extra-ordinary events scattered here and there. Just like us: Long periods of ordinary day-to-day living with a few out-of-the-ordinary events. Yes, Abraham's events were of a different class, but like us he had to face the daily grind, the monotony of everyday sameness, the longings for the spectacular and the fears of disappointment. Yet, through it all, he held on to the God who called him into a life-changing relationship and stood by His man through good and bad.
For all of us, ancient traveller to modern TV junkie, most of life happens between the big events. And if we want to walk with God, we have to learn to find Him in everyday life. He's not just the God of smoke and fire -- mostly He's the God of the cool breeze, the God of the still small voice. We just have to listen.


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